02/07/15 Flockmod 11.16

02/07/15 Flockmod 11.16

Flockmod 11.16 has just been released. Changes in this update: Improved performance and stability. Flockmod should now properly free memory when it’s not needed. You can now… Read More

10/10/14 Flockmod 11.15

10/10/14 Flockmod 11.15

Flockmod 11.15 has just been released. Changes in this update: Room owners can now disable any tool. Added /votemute username reason command. If room owners enable Vote-Mute,… Read More

8/22/14 Flockmod 11.13

8/22/14 Flockmod 11.13

Flockmod 11.13 has just been released. Changes in this update: Added Brush Gallery (bell pepper icon) Loaded pictures can be positioned Added support for clickable hyperlinks Room… Read More

Hey all,

Flockmod 11.12 is out!

The primary update in this release is we have added the ability for room owners to customize what the different moderator levels are able to do in a room.

This means rooms can now have a level that lets some trusted users just undo, or mute other users.

It allows room owners the ability to design their own hierarchy instead of having to rely solely on what we had setup.

This was spurred by what is currently our most popular idea,


Its a little hard to explain what all it can do, its one of those things you’r gonna just have to see for yourself!



I am sure you have all recently noticed a large amount of lag in all rooms.

The datacenter that we lease our servers from is having issues with their core router.

The os that the router runs is no longer able to keep up with the amount of traffic the datacenter generates as it has grown.

The datacenter is co-coordinating a replacement router scheduled for 00:00 AM PST 6/4 or roughly 30 hours from this post.

We will still stay up even with the lag, and we will keep you updated if anything changes.




Hey guys,

I would like to announce that we have added the image deletion feature to our gallery today.


You will now be able to delete any images you have uploaded if you are logged in, or any images that came from your ip while you were logged out.


Sorry about the delay on this one,

Its been our most requested feature!





(EDIT) :

I have also just locked down tags with the same sort of logic.


You can no longer edit other users tags.