Social Features

Learn about various social features here.                                                                             

Using the chat, and all its features.

Flockmod has a chat located on the top bar. Anyone of any rank can use it. You can use it to talk to everyone in the room.


Normal chat: Displays a message to all users in the room, all messages in the chat relay a preview of the message in the top bar. Anyone with their chat closed will receive a distinct sound unless they have the sound disabled in the config. 

  • Typing http:// before a link will turn it to a hyperlink.
  • Right clicking inside the chat will display a context menu allowing you to clear the chat.
  • No sounds will ever be played if the chat is left open.

Private message: To PM (private message) a user, right click their name in the userlist, or type /PM {username} into the chat, then type your message. Nobody, regardless of rank, will be able to read the message you sent except for the user you chose. Once they have replied to you, you can push the up arrow on your keyboard to quick reply back.

Mentions: If another user mentions your username, it will be colored orange in their message. If your chat is closed, you will also receive a Private Message sound, which can be disabled in config by disabling the Private Message option.

Moderator Chat:
If you have the correct privilege, you may send a Moderator Message that only those with the correct privilege can see. Do this by switching Public Chat to Moderator Chat in the dropdown menu. Anyone who can read the message will receive a distinct sound.


You can also use the /MM command before your sentence to send a Moderator Message, so you don’t forget to switch back to public chat.

protection: The chat comes with spam protection, if a user spams too many messages too quick, whether public or PM they will be auto-ignored.

Ignore: If someone is disturbing you in some way you can right click on their name in the userlist and select ‘ignore user’, and you will no longer receive messages from them in the chat until either of you reenter the room. If the problem persists you should seek the help of a moderator.


  • Unregistered Users, Registered Users, and Trusted Users have a salmon colored name in the chat.
  • Moderators have a green name.
  • Full moderators have a seafoam blue name
  • Lead Moderators have a dark blue name
  • Room Owners have an orange name
  • Global Moderators have a pink name


The public chat is where you type in chat commands:

  • /pm <username> <message here> This private messages a user
  • /mm <moderator channel message here> This sends a message to the moderator chat if you are a mod
  • /sync <username> This will attempt to sync your board with username
  • /me <message> This will send an action message to chat, such as /me does a handstand will send ‘fdt does a handstand’
  • /cls <optional layer number> This will clear the board, or the layer of your choice if specified
  • /clear This will clear your chat history
  • /ignore <username> This will ignore <username> in the chat
  • /unignore <username> This will unignore <username>, or everyone if you do not specify a user
  • /status <message> This will display a status next to your name in the userlist, it appears in parenthesis
  • /modhax <kick, mute, ban, or alert> (undo) Places a modhax on the board, read here to learn about modhax
  • /votemute <username> <reason> This will start a vote-mute, read here to learn about vote-mute.
  • /flip h This will flip the board horizontally in single layered rooms.
  • /flip v This will flip the board vertically in single layered rooms.


A status is text displayed next to your name in the userlist that other users can see. You can set a status by right clicking your own username in the userlist and clicking ‘change status’, or typing /status <message> in the public chat.

Right clicking your name and selecting ‘change status’ will prompt you to enter text in the dialogue above. You can also reset your status in the prompt, your status also resets everytime you leave a room.


Flockmod provides an inbox feature only available to registered users. If you want to learn how to register your account, click here.

Once you have your account registered, you can open your inbox by going to the “…” panel on the bottom bar and selecting inbox. You may also go to your user profile and select inbox from there.

You will be prompted with the inbox screen where you can write messages to other registered users. When you receive an inbox message, a sound will be played and you’ll receive a message in the chat. You may turn off the inbox message noise in config.

Your inbox can hold up to 350 messages. The blue bar above your messages indicates how full your inbox is. Delete your inboxes to create space for more.

User Profile    

Your user profile gives you information about yourself. You can find it on the bottom bar or the “…” menu.  Only you can see it. It shows the date you registered your account and all the rooms you have a rank in, and who owns those rooms. You can also access your inbox from it.


Users with very old accounts may not be able to see the registration date, as they were no stored back then.

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