Social Features

Using the chat, and its features

Flockmod has a chat located on the top right control bar. Anybody can use it to talk to everyone in the room.

  • Right clicking inside the chat will display a context menu allowing you to clear the chat.
  • No notification sounds will be played if the chat is left open.


Private message: To PM a user, right click their name in the userlist and click “Private message”
or press the “+” button at the bottom left of the chat window.
This will open a new private messaging tab that no other user may read.

Staff Chat: If you have the correct privilege, you may access the Staff chat tab.

Ignore: To ignore a user, right click on their name in the user list and select “Ignore”.
Ignoring a user prevents you from seeing any messages they send in chat or PM.
An ignored user has a strike-through applied to their username in the user list.

Spam protection: The chat comes with spam protection,
if a user spams too many messages too quick, in any tab, they will be auto-ignored by all users.

Rank Colors:

  • Unregistered Users and Registered Users have a grey colored name.
  • Trusted Users have a bold white name.
  • Moderators have a green name.
  • Full moderators have a cyan name
  • Lead Moderators have a blue name
  • Room Owners have an orange name
  • Global Moderators have a pink name


Right clicking on your own name in the user list will allow you to open the Profile window, here you are able to change your login information and status.

You can also access a list rooms that you own and rooms that you moderate.

To change your status, be sure to hit the Apply Changes button at the bottom right.


Flockmod provides an inbox feature only available to registered users.
If you don’t know how to register your account, click here.

Once you have your account registered, you can open your inbox by going to the mailbox symbol at the bottom right. (Default shortcut: alt+I)

When you receive an inbox, a sound will be played and you’ll see a notification over the mailbox symbol. You may turn off notification sounds in the settings.

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