Drawing Basics

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The drawing color picker

Active colors

You can see your active colors to the bottom left of the color wheel.
You can switch between them using ctrl+space, or clicking the arrow above them.

Clicking either active color square will display a unique color menu

Presets/Saving colors

Presets are located as numbered circles below the tool options, to the right of the board.
Each preset saves a specific brush and its settings that you can click to load.
These can be overwritten by holding shift and clicking on a circle, filling it with your current tool/color/options.
The settings that are loaded via presets can be changed in the Configuration.

There are also presets circles available at the bottom left of the board, next to the zoom options.


RGB and HSV sliders are accessed by clicking the slider icon to the top left of the colour wheel.

RGB: Stands for red, green, and blue. Each slider has a minimum value of 0 and maximum value of 255. Adjusting these will allow you to retrieve any color if you know the RGB number. The RGB of black would be 0,0,0 and the RGB of white would be 255,255,255 and every color is in between.

HSV: Stands for Hue, Saturation, and Value. Hue is a color or shade of a color. Saturation and value are pigment depths, less saturation is closer to white and less value is closer to black.


tU4KcRl Flockmod collaborative drawing

The drawing layers can be found at the bottom right of the screen. Here you can toggle visibility of layers with the eye button, or lock them to prevent unprivileged users from drawing on them( See mod privileges in Room Management ).

At the top of the menu there are five buttons, four of which require mod privileges to use.

From left to right, they are:
Clearing the selected layer, a menu for merging a layer with the selected layer,
flipping the selected layer horizontally or vertically, and saving the selected layer.

Lastly, you may also right click on a layer to clear it.

Zoom functions

Flockmod collaborative drawing

There are two ways to zoom on flockmod, the first is to hold the spacebar and use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out. The other way is to use the magnifying lens icons at the bottom left corner.

Clicking on the current % icon will reset the zoom to 100%
There are also options for centering, fitting the board to your screen, and flipping the board
(this flip is only visible to you).


While drawing, your board may become out of sync, meaning you are seeing things on your board that may not be on somebody else’s board. This is generally caused by a fault internet connection.
To fix this, you can right click on any username in the userlist and click “Sync boards”.
Once it is finished, your board will be replaced by theirs.


Users with ranks and the privilege to undo will have access to a menu at the bottom right of the board.
While drawing, flockmod saves a sequence of board images, letting you undo trolling.
You can access the undo menu by clicking on the rotating arrow symbol or using the shortcut (default: alt+U).

Partial selection: This will allow you to undo part of the board, rather than the entire board, by selecting a region on the board image.
You can also specify which layer/s you wish to undo.

X38MPIq Flockmod collaborative drawing
JesWcR7 Flockmod collaborative drawing

Save the board every __ seconds: This will save the board every specified number of seconds, if you have the number “2” in the slot, it will capture the board every 2 seconds.

With a limit of __ saved boards: The amount of saved boards, a higher number is a further undo history.

Saving from the undo menu: You can save a frame by right clicking on the undo screen and selecting the save option.