Drawing Basics

Learn about Flockmod’s drawing features and tools here. To learn about the brushes, see here.

Active and secondary colors

You can see your active color below the toolbar. You active color is displayed over your secondary color. You can switch between them using ctrl+space, or clicking the arrow above them. Clicking either color will display the rgb/hsv sliders.

How do I use Size, Alpha, Blur, and Zoom?

Size: This will allow you to change your brush size.

Alpha: Alpha is better known as transparency/opacity. With a low alpha, the more you go over your previous stroke the less transparent it gets.

Blur: Blur makes the stroke you make blurry.

Zoom: This will allow you to zoom in. Click the magnifying glass icon to reset your zoom level.

Using zoom and zoom preview

There are many ways to zoom in. Right clicking anywhere on the board will show a context menu with zoom options, ctrl+scrolling will zoom where your cursor is, there are zoom buttons on the bottom bar, and you may set hotkeys for zoom inside the shortcuts manager.

Once you are zoomed in you can pan around by space+clicking the board. Holding space will show a zoom preview so you see which section of the board you are zoomed into.


These sliders are accessed below your active and secondary color previews. Click the RGB/HSV text or your color previews to display them.

RGB: Stands for red, green, and blue. Each slider has a minimum value of 0 and maximum value of 255. Adjusting these will allow you to retrieve any color if you know the RGB number. The RGB of black would be 0,0,0 and the RGB of white would be 255,255,255 and every color is in between.

HSV: Stands for Hue, Saturation, and Value. Hue is a color or shade of a color. Saturation and value are pigment depths, less saturation is closer to white and less value is closer to black.

The color wheel

The outer circle is Hue. It allows you to pick from any of the colors you see. The inner diamond will allow you to adjust Saturation and Value.
You can change the inner diamond into a square by ctrl+clicking inside of it.

Can I save my colors?

Yes, you can quickly save your colors by shift+clicking the white dots next to the color wheel. This will put your active color in the dot. You may set hotkeys in the shortcuts manager to quickly select a saved color. If you need more room, there is a color tab beside the chat that you can save more than a thousand colors in.


Presets are located on the bottom bar next to the icons. Each preset saves certain brush settings that you can load anytime. The settings that are loaded can be changed in the config.|

The settings that can be changed are: Brush, Color, Size, Max Pressure, Alpha, Blur, and Blend mode.


Sometimes your board may become de-synced, meaning you are seeing things on your board that may not be on somebody else’s board. To fix this, you can right click on any username in the userlist and click “Sync boards”. Once it is finished, you have successfully gotten their board, meaning you see what they see at the time you requested the sync.

You may want to try syncing to multiple users because other boards may be desynced as well.

 Radial Menu

This can be displayed by holding shift while using any other tool other than the Text Tool. Hover over the option you desire and let go of shift.

Size (Up and down) Scrolls your brush size from a lower size to a high size, or vice versa. These options are disabled if tablet support is enabled in config.

Swap Eraser Swaps between your drawing tool and an eraser (Hard Eraser or Eraser depending on room type).

Swap Color Swaps between your Primary color and your Secondary color

Brush (Left and right) Goes down the toolvar if you choose the right Brush, and it goes up the toolbar if you choose the left Brush. (Note: This tool skips over the text tool.)

Pan This will toggle panning mode, allowing you to drag the canvas around while zoomed in.

Z in and Z out This will let you zoom in and out.

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