Room Management

See also: Room Moderation, Animation Mode

Learn how to set up and customize all options available in your room.
If you need help registering a room, click here.

Room Manager:

The room management tool, used for altering all aspects of a flockmod room's settings

After registering a room, you will have access to the Room Manager. This can be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon to the bottom right of the board, or by pressing the hotkey (default: Alt+R).


Description: A public description of your room, shown when the room is selected in the room list
Mode: Changes the room mode between regular or animation mode
Rows / Columns: These settings are for specifying the number of frames in Animation Mode
Layers: The number of layers your room has, capped at 5. Blend modes are only available in rooms with a single layer.
Canvas size: The overall size of the drawing area. Larger boards are more prone to lag, depending on the number of users.
Capacity: Maximum number of users that can be in your room at one time.
Access Password: Allows you to set a password that must be entered by anybody trying to enter your room.
Mute and default ban length: Sets the default amount of time for a user to be mutd or banned. Ban length can be altered at a later time in the Bans tab.
Background: Sets the colour for the back layer of your board.
Bottom Layer: If set to Transparent, then saved images will be transparent PNGs, otherwise they will have the set background color.
When a user joins the room: This setting is useful if you wish to automatically mute users on entry if they are either unregistered or not a staff member.
When a known proxy joins: This setting allows you to automatically mute, silence or block VPN users on entry, excluding staff members of your room.
Unregister Room: If you are the original owner of the room, you also have the ability to unregister your room.

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On the staff tab, you will find a list of all current moderators in the room.
Here you can remove moderators, add new moderators, or edit existing ones.
You can also promote and demote users by right clicking on their name in the user list.

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On the privileges tab, you can find all of the permissions each level of moderator is able to access.
From simple commands like being able to kick or mute users, to being able to access and alter room settings themselves. Any user promoted to room owner will have full access to the Room Manager.


The tools tab is very similar to the privileges tab.
It allows you to customize which level of users or moderators can access specific tools.

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The Bans tab is covered in a separate article in Moderation.