Room Management Help

Learn how to set up and customize all options available in your room. If you need help registering a room, click here.

Room Configuration explained

After registering a room you will see room the room configuration panel. This is where you edit your room settings. Room configuration is opened by clicking the wrench icon on the bottom bar. Alternatively you may click the “…” panel and then choose “Room Configuration”.

Registered by:

The primary room owner/creator of the room.

Room Staff Manager:

Displays all users who are part of the room staff and their respective ranks. Only users with a registered account can be given ranks. New moderators can be added by inputting their usernames in the text field and hitting “Add user” after the desired rank is selected. To remove a moderator, double click their usernames in the list and press “Remove selected user”.


Moderators can only add or remove other moderators that are of a lower rank than their own. The rank hierarchy, listed in descending order, goes as follows: Room Owner, Lead Moderator, Full Moderator, Moderator, Trusted User.


Displays text on the room preview and in chat when a user clicks on or enters your room. All those who have the “Edit room settings” privilege can change the description. There is a 325 character limit.

Room mode:

Specify the type of room you want yours to be, see here for more information.

Check box: Public

By checking this box, users will be able to see your room  in the roomlist. Disabled by default, which means rooms start off as private when created.


Your room still will not be visible by default if it is password-protected, unless the user has chosen to shown password-protected rooms

When a user joins the room:

Do not mute: If a user enters the room when this option is selected, it will allow them to come in and draw immediately- without having to ask to be unmuted or to draw.

Mute if not registered: Users who are registered and come into the room will be able to draw immediately; unregistered users will be muted.

Mute if not staff: Any user who enters the room will be muted unless they have a rank for that room.

Room Password:

You may set a case-sensitive password for your room, only those who know it will be able to join. You may set a rank to bypass the room password in the privilege manager. Note that users will not be able to see your room in the roomlist unless they check the option to see password-protected rooms on the main page. When your room is password-protected a lock icon will appear in the chatbar.

Mute and Ban time bubbles:

Specifies the duration in minutes for mutes and bans applied through the userlist context menu, which can be accessed by right-clicking a username. The default times are 120 minutes (2 hours) for mute and 1440 minutes (24 hours) for ban.

Mirror Mode:

The mirror mode drop-down menu has 3 selections.

Horizontal Mirror:Mirrors anything you draw on the bottom or top half of the screen.

Vertical Mirror:Mirrors anything you draw on the left or right of the screen.

Disabled:Has no mirror. This is the default board state. This room mode removes the brush, the smoothing brush, the square tool, and the circle tool.

Enable vote-mute:

This allows ranked users with the correct privileges to start a vote on whether to mute another user or not.  You can start a vote by typing /votemute {Username} [Reason] into the chat.

There will be an option to vote yes, vote no, or cancel the vote if you have the privilege. The settings of a vote-mute can be changed, read below.

Vote Settings:

Only room owners have access to this option. The meanings will be explained below.


Minimum rank to start a vote: Any rank at or above what you selected can start a vote, any rank below may not.

Minimum number of unique users required to start a vote: By default this will be 8, meaning at least 8 users would need to be in the room for a vote to be started.

Minimum percentage of votes required to mute a user: By default is 50%, meaning if you have 8 users in the room, 4 of them would have to agree on a vote to mute a user.

Waiting time before start a new vote: By default the time is 2, meaning you must wait 2 minutes before starting another vote.

Vote will expire after: 15 minutes by default, meaning if the voting percentage isn’t reached by that time, then the vote is null and has to be restarted.

Mute time: By default the user will be muted for 30 minutes.

Enable animation mode:

Animation mode gives your room tools to create an animation, for more information on this, click here.

Tool manager:

Allows room owners to decide which tools are in the room. Other ranks may also do this if allowed by the Room Owner.

Simply uncheck any tools you don’t want your room to have, however you must have at least two tools selected for your room, and one of them must be capable of drawing.

Privilege Manager:

The privilege manager is only available for room owners. It allows room owners to change the privileges other ranks of the room have. Room owner privileges cannot be changed, they have all privileges.

  • Any rank that does not have the privilege of muting, kicking, or banning can be muted, kicked, or banned.
  • Moderators can only add or remove other moderators that are of a lower rank than their own. The rank hierarchy, listed in descending order, goes as follows: Room Owner, Lead Moderator, Full Moderator, Moderator, Trusted User

Unregister room:

This option is only available to the creator of the room. Once chosen you will no longer own the room, and someone else can claim it. All staff will lose their rank and the room will return to the default state.


Room owner(original):This user registered the room, they will have their names colored in orange in the userlist and chat. This user has all privileges and is the only rank that can unregister the room and add other room owners.

Co-room owners: These users have the same abilities as the original room owners except they cannot add/remove other room owners or unregister the room. Their privileges cannot be changed. These users are also colored in orange in the userlist and chat.

Global Moderator: These users are developers for the site, they are granted absolute power in every room. Global moderators will have a pink name in the userlist and chat. Global Moderators are the highest ranking user and must listened to above all else.

Current Global Moderators are: FDT, Pen, Auto, and Moon♥.


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