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Site Wide Rules:

On Flockmod we encourage room owners to make up their own rules for the most part.

However, there are a few rules we must enforce site wide for everyone’s sake.

Warnings will generally not be given out for these offenses, they are serious enough to warrant an immediate global ban.

  • If its illegal in the USA, it’s forbidden here.
  • Network/socket based bots are forbidden, attempting to connect with anything but an un-altered Flockmod client is also forbidden.
  • Attempting to avert bans is forbidden, and it is grounds for a global moderator to get involved to place a more effective, longer length ban.
  • Glitches found must be reported, not abused. Those found abusing glitches in Flockmod may be subject to banning.
  • You must listen to global moderators, they are the highest authority on the site; they will always have a pink name in the userlist.

Note on #2: Scripts that simply move your mouse on your computer are fine in some rooms (it’s up to the room owner), Scripts that connect to the server and emulate a Flockmod client are NOT allowed in any rooms no matter what!


We try not to have too many set rules here at Flockmod. 

Each room is free to setup their own rules as they please, checking the room previews before entering may give you an idea how that room works.

That being said, fallback (the default room) has listed its rules at a template for others to follow.

Some rooms are strict, some are relaxed, some rooms have even elected to go rule free!

There’s really a wide range of environments on Flockmod, that’s one of the things that makes it so great!

And if you don’t like a room, don’t forget you can always start up your own and make up your own rules!

Example Rules – fallback:

Most rooms will have different rules, however,
To give a basic idea of what typical rules there are for the users that visit a room, here are Fallback’s rules:

  1. Do not use offensive usernames or excessively long usernames. (Results in a warning, and a kick if not heeded.)
  2. Do not impersonate other users or moderators. (Results in a warning, and a kick if not heeded.)
  3. Do not erase or edit other’s artwork without their permission. (Results in a kick or a ban, depending on the severity)
  4. Do not disrespect anybody, discriminate in any way, or harass users. (Results in a kick, then ban if continued)
  5. Do not write anything large that disrupts the board, or scribble. (Results in a warning, kick if continued, and ban if continued furthermore)
  6. Do not keep quick doodles on the board for long, they should not stay on the board for more than 15 seconds(It is a moderator’s job to classify drawings as quick doodles, if you have any serious disagreements, take it to a Global Moderator)
  7. Do not wave lines around the room, or over art, especially larger size. (Results in a kick, then ban if continued)
  8. Mind the space your art takes up, allow for all users to have space. (If disobeyed greatly, results in a warning)
  9. Erase your previous drawing before starting a new one, no matter how well-drawn it is. (Draw, save, erase)
  10. Do not leave your art on the board for long periods of time, try to keep it on the board for less than 3 minutes (Time may vary, if the board is inactive drawings generally stay longer and if the artist is unresponsive, it may be erased.).
  11. Do not keep unfinished art on the board for long periods of time, finish it at one time or erase it. (results in a warning, if the artist is unresponsive, the art may be erased by a moderator)
  12. Do not allow pasted text to accumulate on the board, erase it to keep the board clear for users to draw. (Using the chat is even better)
  13. Do not hover your brush/text over other people’s artwork, as it is a distraction to the artist. (results in a kick, then ban it continued)
  14. If a user has been banned multiple times in the past, the ban length is susceptible to an increase. (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month)
  15. Any prolonged dodging of bans may result in a permanent ban.
  16. Do not use scripting tools to reproduce images/drawings. You can go to a different room if you wish to. (results in a kick, then ban if continued)
  17. Listen to Moderators, failure to respect or follow their orders may result in a kick or a ban.
  18. Listen to Global Moderators over anybody else, they are the highest authority. Remember, moderators are chosen because they know the rules well, and how to enforce them properly. If you have an issue with any moderator’s judgement or actions, please contact a global moderator.