Help – New and Updated!

Welcome to Flockmod’s very own help and FAQ!

There are two menus full of page links, one just to the right, and another at the bottom of the page to easily navigate all the documentation here.

A user requesting help in the chat box
A user requesting assistance in the chat – Probably should have come here first

Basics is a good place to start, showing the steps of how to connect and register an account. If you already know these basics, check out the pages below for more in-depth information.

See Drawing Basics to get an intro on our drawing tools and features on the site.

Learn about the Various Tools available to create great pieces of art with.

Room Management contains everything about how to set up your own room, and all the different settings and user permissions you can tweak.

See the Rules page for an overview of what is and is not allowed on Flockmod. There are a few rules that apply to all rooms, so be sure to read it!

From there, feel free to roam the other pages, as well. It is still a bit scattered so we suggest you glance over a few similar pages if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for.

If you still have any feedback or questions that are left unanswered, you can always leave a comment at our ideas website here:

These help pages have been updated by one of our users, D.

Thank you for your support and dedication!