What is Flockmod?

Flockmod is an online interactive drawing board that started off as a modified version of Flockdraw. It has since grown to become its own fully-fledged application which is now hosted on its own servers, no longer depending on Flockdraw (now defunct due to flash end of life) to operate. Flockmod is owned and hosted by FDT, being also co-developed by auto, Moon♥ and pen.

Is it free to use Flockmod?

Yes! However there is a donation page set up if you would like to help keep Flockmod running.

How do I connect to Flockmod?

You can go to the main site,, to find the list of public rooms available

Directly link a room like this

Or you can use the desktop app of Flockmod found here (direct download). 

Do I have to be registered to draw? What are the benefits of registering an account?

In general, you do not have to have a registered account to draw on Flockmod. However some rooms may require you a registered account to draw on their boards.

Being registered on Flockmod also allows you to register rooms, have an inbox, and gain a rank in rooms. You will also gain a Flockmod Gallery account to store all your saves. 

How do I register a username and room?

Registering an account:

Navigate to the main page of Flockmod, and click the Anonymous button in the top right. There is sign up button toward the bottom, click and fill out the account info you want. You now have a registered account, but be aware you are limited to 5 accounts.

If you need a password changed, or help with your account,  you can contact the developers at [email protected]

Registering a room:

To register a room, type the name of the room you want and enter it with a registered account. Right click your name in the userlist and hit ‘register room’ and if the room is not taken it will become yours. You’ll gain access to room configurations explained here. 

The limit of rooms you may own at one time is 10, however rooms may be unregistered with the User Profile.



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