04/27/17 Flockmod 12.00

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Flockmod 12.00 has just been released.

Changes in this update:

  • Added 124 customizable shortcuts
  • Increased board size to 910 x 640
  • Added presets
  • Added user profile (a window where you can see what rooms you are rank in)
  • Rooms can now be password-protected
  • Added new privilege to bypass password-protection
  • AFK cursors will now disappear after 1 minute of inactivity
  • Fixed text tool not working sometimes
  • Increased maximum zoom from 11x to 12x
  • Added “Smoothing” option to the Config (it won’t turn on automatically when zoomed in)
  • Inbox messages can be longer now
  • Added more custom brushes
  • Some changes in the layout

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