Hey guys,

I would like to announce that we have added the image deletion feature to our gallery today.


You will now be able to delete any images you have uploaded if you are logged in, or any images that came from your ip while you were logged out.


Sorry about the delay on this one,

Its been our most requested feature!





(EDIT) :

I have also just locked down tags with the same sort of logic.


You can no longer edit other users tags.



Small update to our gallery.

We now have a captcha added for non logged in users to do things like add comments.

This is due to a large amount of spam we were receiving.

We had temporarily blocked comments from users who werent logged in as a stop gap measure, but this was not very clearly communicated.


Hopefully things work as expected for you guys again,


Flockmod 11.11 is out!


Added partial undo
Added custom mute time
Added custom default ban time
Changing room modes won’t clear the board anymore (if the numbers of layers don’t match, layers will be merged)
“Load” can now load pictures smaller than 900×540
Mirror mode improved
Layers can now be merged
Last username will be remembered
Added picture sharing features
Added a bunch help links
Some other small fixes


(Make sure you have the new version if you are being kicked! Close all Flockmod tabs and clear you cache if all else fails)

Quick update!


We just released hotfix that patches the broken /cls command and buggy colorpicker  in 11.10.



Flockmod 11.10 has just been released.


Here is a quick list of changes, we may update this post shortly with an easier to read version.

Changes in this update (v11.10):

  • Added mirror mode for rooms.
  • Darkening the background after opening a dialog (like a modal dialog) to focus user’s attention.
  • Changed chat font since some special characters weren’t showing so some users seemed to have invisible names in the chat.
  • Added dragbar that lets you resize the chat to any height you like
  • Moderator messages have now their own sound
  • Fixed behavior of the zoom slider
  • Your username will be colored when someone mentions you (also, a PM sound will be played)
  • Fixed text not hiding when muting a user.
  • Colorpicker won’t pick colors from hidden layers anymore.
  • Fixed own cursor switching side when near the right edge.
  • Fixed undo sometimes not showing the preview of the actual picture that is going to be undone.
  • Fixed username hiding when your mouse cursor is out of the board but your brush cursor is not.
  • Rebuilt userlist context menu so all options fit.
  • Fixed ‘multiple selected layers’ bug.
  • Added events when someone is promoted or demoted.
  • Pepperbell brush has now a square-shaped cursor (like blur).
  • Changed user level colors.
  • Some other visual improvements and small fixes

Server-side changes:

  • Moderators cannot kick higher ranked users
  • Fixed user registration limit not working

Hey, no updates to the client this time.

Our gallery however has been updated to let you vote on images and Flockmod usernames now show up properly on comments.

You should now be able to see the new ‘popular’ navigation section on the main gallery page to show upvoted images.

It has daily, monthly, and yearly sections currently.



Flockmod 11.09A is out!

This update is in relation to our recent switch to

It fixes gallery uploading, and moves the links over to our new domain.

Its a proud day for us here at FlockMod!

We have acquired and moved to as of today!

Its been a long road from our simple beginnings…

Here’s a picture of v7 from a couple years back, the earliest version I could find out there still.

Hope you guys enjoy the updates!

Sorry about any downtime the domain switch may have caused.

If you are still having issues accessing the app, you may need to close all flockmod related tabs and clear out your cache.

We had some major issues occur for a few minutes during the transfer that your  browser may have cached.

Luckily, switching domains is not an everyday thing 😛

We shouldn’t have that sort of issue happen again any time soon.

Happy new years everyone!

Flockmod 11.09 is out and we have some new tricks for our moderators!

If you are a mod with user events on in the config, you will now see the reverse dns of users shortly after they connect.

This should help with identifying users switching ip’s or using proxies.


We are also releasing our new tool, codenamed ‘modhax’.

This tool allows moderators to specify a trigger zone, and any users attempting to draw in it will have the specified action applied to them.

This tool will prevent users from developing scripts or tricks to draw faster then the moderators can watch, as it will check in the program to see who did it.

More detail on how to use modhax is available HERE


Enjoy guys,


11.08A Is out!

Its a hotfix for a few issues.

We have fixed a glitch that allowed misformatted gimp brushes to lag users for long periods of time.

We also fixed issues with the gimp brush allowing users to grey out the board.

The color wheel issue with alpha preview has also been fixed in this release (Sorry we didnt get to it earlier, it turns out it wasnt what we originally thought).