1/10/14 – Flockmod.com

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Its a proud day for us here at FlockMod!

We have acquired and moved to http://flockmod.com/ as of today!

Its been a long road from our simple beginnings…

Here’s a picture of v7 from a couple years back, the earliest version I could find out there still.

Hope you guys enjoy the updates!

Sorry about any downtime the domain switch may have caused.

If you are still having issues accessing the app, you may need to close all flockmod related tabs and clear out your cache.

We had some major issues occur for a few minutes during the transfer that your  browser may have cached.

Luckily, switching domains is not an everyday thing 😛

We shouldn’t have that sort of issue happen again any time soon.

6HhzP Flockmod collaborative drawing

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