12/19/13 – Continued Gallery Issues

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So, Figured I owe everyone an update.


The gallery is and has been down again for a while now.

There was a misunderstanding on my part of what the host had done.

They did not migrate the repaired drives to a new machine as I had previously thought.

They placed the repaired drives back into the same box, which came online and started doing data checks in the background but immediately started having problems writing to the drives.

They belived the issue was related to the data checks (an array rebuild) failing under the load of the websites.

They took the OS offline to do the array rebuild without any load.

Then, the array rebuild failed with no load.


They are now running a final test on the drives to verify they are working correctly.

If they are, then the problem most likely lies with the raid controller itself.

They will then replace the raid controller in the server, and rebuild the array one more time.

If they allow the OS to run while it rebuilds, we might be up in 3-4 hours.

If they dont, Its gonna be another 10-12.


We are deeply sorry about the issues, hopefully this gets sorted out soon.



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