Dec 24, 2020: FlockMod v13

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FlockMod was born over a decade ago. It runs under Flash which back then was the standard for media content on websites. Flash has now become unsecure and obsolete so Adobe decided to end its life this December 31st.

But don’t worry! We have been working hard these last years to bring you an updated version. Coded in the new web standards, it can now run on most modern devices including phones and tablets.

A desktop version (currently Microsoft Windows only) is also available.

(UPDATED) Minor updates:

Jan 2, 2021:
Added option to disable tooltips.

Feb 28, 2021:
Tooltips will now show secondary hotkeys too.
Fixed chat sometimes not letting you type.
Fixed IGNORE only ignoring private messages.
Rejoining the same room won’t clear the chat.
Added unknown country flag.

Mar 2, 2021:
Added option to show image previews on chat (disabled by default, it will only work with our gallery for now)

Mar 3, 2021:
Chat will now show youtube thumbnails if the preview option is enabled.
Room owners are now shown in the Staff list.

Mar 4, 2021:
User list’s context menu will now show username, rank and identificator of the user you clicked on.
Added auto-ignore when someone spams the chat.

Mar 5, 2021:
Improved how custom brush tint works.
Tint in custom brush is now toggable.

Mar 6, 2021:
Added Random Rotation option to the custom brush.
Added more custom brushes to the brush gallery.

Mar 10, 2021:
Undo and save now remember last selection.
Fixed undo’s rectangle being slightly missplaced.
Updated old bans to the new IP format.
Selection tool can now export directly to Custom Brush.

Mar 11, 2021:
Undo’s previous saved states now don’t reset if you re-join the same room.

Mar 12, 2021:
Improved how the stroke preview looks (can be changed back to normal in the Configuration to improve performance).
Muted users now disappear from the board.

Jun 30, 2021:
Added image rotation.
Users using known proxies are now publicly identified (little icon next to their country flag)
Room owners can now decide if they want to automatically mute, silence or block known proxies.

Jul 11, 2021:
Added color picker tool to the Brush Designer.
Added color selector to the Brush Designer.
Added cursor to the Brush Designer.

August 3, 2021:
Added spanish translation.
Added more custom brushes to the brush gallery.

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