Social Features

In this section we will go over the  various options to talk with users.


(Notice: The user who you plan on messaging must be registered. You must also be registered. )

After selecting “Inbox” you will need to press “New Message”. Put in the registered user’s name you wish to message, input a subject, and then the message!

When you receive a reply, you will be notified in chat with a message saying “1 new message in inbox”. The number of messages vary, depending on how many you send and replied to by the time you log in next, or if you just don’t check them when you receive them.

You can only receive 250 messages before your inbox is full and you need to delete some messages. The bar above the from/subject list indicates how much room you have until it is full.

To reply to messages, simply click the button that says “Reply”.


                         Using the chat, and all its features.

   Using the chat is color coded. Your name will be the color of your rank. The colors are assigned as followed:

Unregistered, registered, and trusted users have a salmon pink name in the chat.

Moderators have a green name in the chat.

Full moderators have a sea-foam blue name in the chat.

Lead moderators have a dark blue name in the chat.

Room owners have an orange name in the chat.

Global moderators have a pink/purple name in the chat.

The chat will differ upon what rank you are for the room you are in.if you have the mod chat privilege, you will have the option for chat with a scroll down menu which includes Public Chat and Moderator Chat.  There is also a bar at the bottom of the chat to re-size it.

Public Chat


The chat comes with spam protection too, if a user spams too many messages, whether public or PM, they will be auto-ignored.

                           Public Chat

Public Chat will allow you to all of the users in the room with you. If you say someone’s completely name, their name will be highlighted orange and they will receive a PM noise. Also, if you type a link (followed by http://) into the chat, it will become a hyperlink for easy clicking.

(You can be any rank to use the Public Chat.)


The public chat is also where you type in chat commands:

  • /pm <username> <message here> (This private messages a user)
  • /mm <moderator channel message here> (This sends a message to the moderator chat if you are a mod)
  • /sync <username> (This will attempt to sync your board with username)
  • /me <message> (This will send an action message to chat, such as /me does a handstand will send ‘fdt does a handstand’)
  • /cls <optional layer number> (This will clear the board, or the layer of your choice if specified)
  • /clear (This will clear your chat history)
  • /ignore <username> (This will ignore username in the chat)
  • /unignore <username> (This will unignore username, or everyone if you do not specify a user)
  • /status <message> (This will display a status next to your name in the userlist, it appears in parenthesis)
  • /modhax <kick, mute, ban, or alert> (undo) (Places a modhax on the board, read
  • /votemute <username> <reason> This will start a vote-mute. (For more information on this please visit

Moderator Chat

Moderator Message will allow you to send a message to all of your fellow mods in the room. Anyone with the privilege to read these messages can see them.

(If you wish to contact only one moderator, then you can Private Message/Whisper a user.)


                               PM (Private Message)/Whisper


To PM (private message) a user, simply right click their name in the userlist, or type /PM {username} into the chat.

You can easily reply back with the push of the up arrow on your keyboard.


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