Room Management Help

 To register a room, simply right click on the dark blue space inside the “User List” and select “Register Room” on the menu that appears. It will be located right under “Sync Boards” and “PM Whisper” A nifty “Room Configuration” will pop up, listing all of the settings you will be able to have for your room. The owner of the room can always access this panel in order to change the settings.

    Room Configuration explained:
Registered by: The original room owner/register-er.

Current Moderators:

    This will tell you what users have been modded in your room. Let’s say you wish to add a moderator and they are not in the room but you know what username they are registered under. If this is so, then you will simply put in the username they are registered under, select their position, and select the blue box which will say “Add Moderator”.

   There are four positions for “Moderators”  in rooms: Trusted Users, Moderators, Full Moderators, and Lead Moderators. (How these work will be discussed later.) Perhaps you do not approve of how a moderator acts, and you wish to remove them from your moderation team? Select their username and go down right below the “Current Moderators” and locate the box which says “Remove Selected”.


   This is where you will describe your room. This means you can add in some links to the rules (If you have any- and it is fine if you do not.), tell the topic of the room, or whatever comes to your mind! This will show up when users select your room on the room-selection menu.


Check box: Public

This just means that anyone can access the room on the room-selection menu, rather than having to type in the room to get to it. This also means it is no longer private.


                              When a user joins the room:

Do not mute: If a user enters the room with this option selected, it will allow them to come in and draw immediately- without having to ask to be unmuted or to draw.
Mute if not registered: Users who are registered and come into the room will be able to draw immediately; unregistered users will be muted.
Mute if not moderator: Any user who enters the room will be muted unless they are a moderator for that room.


What are the Ban and Mute time bubbles?


The number you type in for the ban selection is the number of minutes a user will be banned by default (when you right click on their name and ban them via user list).


The number you type in for mute selection is the number of minutes a user will remained muted.



                   Mirror Mode:

The mirror mode drop-down menu has 3 selections.

Horizontal Mirror: Mirrors anything you draw on the bottom or top half of the screen.


Vertical Mirror: Mirrors anything you draw on the left or right of the screen.


Disabled: Has no mirror

This room mode also changes the tools that can be accessed. The brush, the square tool, and the circle tool were all taken out for this room mode.




Enable vote-mute: This allows specified users to start a vote on whether to mute a user or not. Generally used when no mods are active. You can start a vote by typing /votemute {Username} [Reason] into the chat.

As you can see, there will be an option to vote yes, vote no, or cancel the vote if you are the proper rank. The settings of a vote mute can be changed, read below.

Vote Settings: Only room owners have access to this option. The meanings will be explained below.



Minimum rank to start a vote: Any rank above what you choose can start a vote, any rank below may not. Read below for more information about ranks.

Minimum number of user required to start a vote: By default this will be 8, meaning at least 8 users would need to be in the room for a vote to be started.

Minimum percentage of votes required to mute a user: By default is 50%, meaning if you have 8 users in the room, 4 of them would have to agree on a vote to mute a user.

Waiting time before start a new vote: By default the time is 2, meaning you must wait 2 minutes before voting again.

Vote will expire after: 15 minutes by default, meaning if the voting percentage isn’t reached by that time, then the vote is null and has to be restarted.

Mute time: By default is the user will be muted for 30 minutes.

Tool manager: Allows room owners to decide which tools are in the room. Other ranks may also do this if allowed by the Room Owner.


Simply uncheck any tools you don’t want your room to have, however you must have at least two tools selected for your room, and one of them must be capable of drawing.

Privilege Manager:

This is only available for the room owners. The Privilege Manager allows the owner of a room to set what powers each type of moderator in their room will have.


The ranks of moderators that can have their power modified are listed in the User Level.

(Note that all of the following defaults can be changed to the room owner’s liking.)

Trusted user: 

This rank, by default, will only have basic powers. If the room owner chooses to keep this level at it’s default, then the user wielding it’s power could simply watch over the room while all of the main moderators and the room owner are gone.

Trusted Users are still registered as being a “Registered User” in one sense, that being that they cannot see the IPs of users who enter and leave the room. Even with every option of power checked for this rank, they will not be able to receive IPs. These users have a white, bolded name in the userlist and chat.



Moderators are the foot-soldiers of a moderated room. By default they have enough powers to enforce rules and protect drawings. Unlike trusted users, moderators may receive IPs of lower ranked users in the chat (with user-events enabled). These users have a lighter green name in the userlist and chat.

Full Moderator:

Full Moderators, by default, have access to everything excluding the ability to add/remove moderators, seeing the higher rank’s IP, and enabling/disabling individual tools. Thee users have a sea-foam blue name in the userlsit and chat.

Lead Moderator:

Lead moderators, by default, have access to everything except enabling/disabling tools, and seeing same/higher rank’s IP.  These users have a dark blue name in the userlist and chat.

Room owner (original):    The main (or original) room owner is the one who registered the room. This user has the abilities of a lead mod plus he or she can add/remove other lead mods and add/remove other room owners. These users can also change the privileges of other ranks. Also, if these users wish, they can unregister the room which they own. Their names will be highlighted in orange in the chat and userlist.

Co-room owners: These users have the same abilites as the original room owners except they cannot add or remove other room owners or unregister the room. Their privileges cannot be changed. These users are also highlighted in orange in the userlist and chat.

Global Moderator: Have room owner options in every room. Global Moderators are only granted for users who contribute their time to help develop Flockmod. Global Moderators are the highest ranking user. Global moderators will have a pink name in the userlist and chat.

Current Global Moderators are: FDT, Pen, Auto, and Moon.




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