Flockmod in an interactive multi-user whiteboard based off the original Flockdraw client. Once connected to the Flockdraw servers, Flockmod now has it’s owner server. Flockmod was created and is owned by FDT. Currently, FDT, auto, Moon, and pen develop Flockmod.


                                                                          Is it free to use Flockmod?

     Yes!  All that is asked for from the users is to invite a friend or two, follow the rules, draw, and have fun!

How do I use Flockmod?

There are a few ways you could connect to Flockmod. You can go to the main site, (also or works the same too, for a shorter link). These links will bring you to this screen:

You will see a list of all the public rooms you can choose from. Clicking on a room will also bring up the room description box to the right of it, showing a preview of what’s on the drawing board, as well as some additional room info.

Muted: This will appear as a no if anyone is allowed to draw in the room. A yes means the room owner has decided that either:

1). Only registered users can draw    or

2). Only moderators may draw  (depending on the room settings, you can see more info on room settings here)

The next ways to connect are all downloads. There are two downloadable desktop versions that need adobe air to run ( which you probably already have. The only difference in the two desktop versions is one supports pen pressure (for tablet users) and the other doesn’t. They both work for all users, regardless of if you have a tablet or not. – Does NOT support pen pressure.  – Does support pen pressure.

If none of the above suits your needs, the final way to connect would be using flash projector. You can download that here. Note that there may be a slight difference or two in the projector. You will need to add to your trusted locations under global settings (right click on Flockmod while it’s running) for it to work. Also try disabling hardware acceleration if it still doesn’t work.


Anything you put after will lead you directly to that room. For example, would lead you directly to a room named “aRandomRoom”. It is it’s own shortlink to the room, and doesn’t contain a roomlist to choose rooms from. Although if you decide to change rooms once you’re in the room, the roomlist will reappear.

If you’re looking to embed flockmod on your own page, check out

                                                                How do I register a room and a username?

    Well, in order to register a room, you must have a registered account!

Registering an account:

      Once you are on the main page of Flockmod (the login page), you can enter a username of your choice (As long as it is not already registered by another user) along with a password. Click “Register User”. Retype your password, put in your e-mail (This is optional ), and then type in your Q&A! After this, just select “Confirm”. If your username was registered successfully a popup will come up telling you that you have registered successfully!

But let’s say you got a popup saying that that the username is already registered, if this is so, then you will simply need to pick a new username and register that one!


You are now ready to register a room! Be careful on how many usernames you register though, there is a limit of five registered names per user and once that limit is reached you will not be able to register any more usernames.

Registering a room:

To register a room, simply right click on the dark blue space inside the “User List” and select “Register Room” on the menu that appears. You can also click the “Register Room” button next to config. A nifty “Room Configuration” will pop up, listing all of the settings you will be able to have for your room. The owner of the room can always access this panel in order to change the settings. The room config is explained here.

                      Why do I need to be registered and do I have to be registered to draw?

    You do not have to be registered to get around on Flockmod, but it can certainly help you! Being registered,  you will be able to register your very own room (and how this works will be explained later), mod other rooms other than your own, and be able to use the inbox feature to send messages quickly to another registered user! There are many other features for being registered, and as we go along, you will see them.

   You can register any room you want, but choose carefully, because there is a limit for that too! (Limit is ten registered rooms, but don’t worry, you can always unregister your current rooms to register a new one).  There is no limit for moderating rooms other than your own. Please note that many rooms may already be registered by other users. If it is, you will be made aware of this by a small pop-up such as:
If you want your password changed, or a list of the rooms you own, you can contact the developers at [email protected]

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