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S83: pretty sure there's a space in attentionwhore,
and as much as I hate to admit, since we all be sick of seeing that dumb kinky face in the gallery no doubt, but Loops pretty decent at drawing.

Being able to suck his own dick would be pretty impressive if anything.

Very much doubt you'd actually do anything irl as well, except try to say something cringing at him, or walk away.

I'd rate these insults: 2/10
lazy and generic, trying to get a rise from loop at best, actually mad at worst lul
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ree_: @S83: I couldn't agree more! You've said it so well! Kinky is like a chihuahua big and bad bark but small and nothing but an ankle biter. How is he gonna get a shotgun? He's not old enough to purchase one and he might accidently deflate one of his fat legs
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S83: If you're gonna take the time to insult someone, you may as well put some effort in and have fun with it yo, get creative with it
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loopv: hi ree are u still sharing ur nude to kinky? share me too :D

also how u can suck your own dick?
and is that impresive? @S83
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S83: Ahahaha, ye
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ree_: @loopv hey bud! guarantee you still have a kinky folder. especially that inappropriate image of him. what's your goal in keeping that along with many other explicit images of fm users? you might as well expose yourself. post a screenshot of all the fm user folders you have saved on your desktop or you're a pussy little indo rat.
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ree_: @loopv: bet you fap to all the guys and gals on fm that you have saved you perverted little indian roach.
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loopv: the chat is automatically saved in system, how you logic works? maybe eat too much booger ree?
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ree_: @loopv: why you deflecting your fetish? and I know it's automatically saved :> you'll be investigated dw
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sev7en: @ree_ & @loopv how about both you cunts shut the fuck up