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EtherealLunala: Hi guys! If any of you remember me, its Ethereal.
So how has everything been for my flock friends? I bet all of you forgot about me. Well, if you somehow didn't, everythings fine with me, I just got a new computer and now i'm on Deviantart, Tumblr, (new main art program) and stuff more. I am missing flockmod though, cuz' MAN my art style really looks oddly different when I draw with flockmod, I think its just because it's 0 size has a bigger line on Eh. If any of you want to talk to me, message me. I might start using flock again more frequently. For all of those who care.

Also yes I'm super into NDRV3 now, and Kokichi is amazing.
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EtherealLunala: Oh! I am also like most active on my tumblr (synthetic-sonata) and my discord. (message to get i guess)

Whats been happening? Any updates? Any new drama or something?
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minucat: no nya
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minucat: also just some drama happened just to put it short, flock died for like a day and then it did it again but more short
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|Tearinspace|: @minucat:

If you're talking about Circus rp, than I wouldn't bother with them. It was really pointless and it was all because of someone calling another and the room "stupid".

Anyways, glad to see you back Ethereal! You've improved since the last time I saw you. I'll check out, it seems interesting too. I get the whole flockmod brush thing too; I've been on for two years and still cant seem to get it look right.