975983: The_Hive

The_Hive // 294x283 // 44.0KB
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Grand_Dad: >be me
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Federico: Loved!

975734: Animation

Animation // 960x540 // 349.7KB
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AHarts: Sheeeesh....impressive


 // 803x282 // 28.7KB
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YarTheArrtist: Yar is just another guy who draws things. Nobody important. Why would anything he makes affect or inspire anyone else who draws here?
And why does he sometimes talk in third person and deny that he's anybody worth remembering? Less than a year on FM compared to pros who lived on here for years. Not a commission artist, not a Disney or Marvel or manga legend, just some guy who draws.
That's who TF Yar is. And yes this is him writing this. Enjoy my self depreciation.
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Anonymous: Yar is a state of mind
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Grand_Dad: Yar is a state of being
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Kelsium: Yar is otherworldly


 // 263x265 // 37.2KB
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lewd: I liked when he killed twice
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enn: damn spoiler

975688: Mario Nintendo Shy_Guy

Mario Nintendo Shy_Guy // 389x346 // 25.2KB
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lewd: I fucking love science
Can you even imagine
Way back in the past when
We thought that storms were caused by
petty gods
fighting on top of a mountain

and yeah, I like a good story
but eventually it's gonna bore me
If it doesn't have that truth
That incontrovertible, testable, repeatable proof

I fucking love science
And I fucking love Charles Darwin
Cause I don't think it's bold to question what you're told
If you're told the world's a thousand years old
There's nothing here to argue against
It's a process not an ideology
And I fucking love science

Sometimes people ask me
Of all of the centuries
Which I'd pick to live life in
Well that's pretty easy
Right now, if you think objectively
If you like hot running water
And memory foam beds
And TV shows and cell phones
And not being dead

You fucking love science
And I fucking love Carl Sagan
Cause I think it's fly to look up in the sky
And never ever ever stop wondering why
There's nothing here to argue against
It's a process not an ideology
And I fucking love science

Woolly mammoth embryos
Vaccines for smallpox and polio
Your TV set, the Internet
Your PS4, supersonic jets

Exoplanets, galaxies
DNA, germ theory, relativity
Just take a sec to think about it
How screwed we would be without it

I fucking love science
And I love Rosalind Franklin
Cause I wanna die remembering why
The truth is more important than winning a prize
There's nothing here to argue against
It's a process not an ideology
And I fucking love science


 // 1900x1048 // 757.3KB
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cottonballz: MATH :D


 // 440x347 // 55.0KB
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Acespam: >tfw extract campers


 // 600x684 // 198.5KB
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Cernun: I believe it's spelled "Maria"
All-in-all it's pretty good.


 // 217x226 // 22.4KB
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Grand_Dad: The Fede-Bambinos
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Federico: Aww, yeah!

975483: dogsex vera vue

dogsex vera vue // 357x337 // 105.2KB
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maidtord: ewwww
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