salty_worms: I love how you pushed the expression and overall horror... >>>
salty_worms: Literally love all your art <3 >>>
salty_worms: I missed everyone's art but Grand dad I keep forgetting... >>>
salty_worms: Cool style 0: >>>
salty_worms: @Diabolus: ngl I spent a hot minute looking through... >>>
salty_worms: Super cute style I love the way you colored and did... >>>
salty_worms: Looks like he means business (*°^°*) >>>
salty_worms: hACKER >>>
salty_worms: i want the arrows to penetrate me im jealous >>>
salty_worms: ur mom gay >>>
salty_worms: hell yeah he do be baby, next ill try and do a full... >>>
salty_worms: aww hell yeah >>>
salty_worms: very nice, solid sketch. i support v-v >>>
salty_worms: this whatever this is, it's beautiful >>>
salty_worms: yo whatever this is, I want in. >>>
salty_worms: kinda hot he's not Todd though. >>>
salty_worms: not gonna lie i was real proud of that scene where... >>>
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