lolis: Shit just got real. >>>
lolis: I don't blame you for tripping. I once burnt my... >>>
lolis: I suspect that it won't be long before white people... >>>
lolis: dabbin' >>>
lolis: As much as straight, white males are getting blamed... >>>
lolis: -nothing worse than to burn your green beans and cream,... >>>
lolis: kinky, STFU >>>
lolis: no YOU! >>>
lolis: You want? >>>
lolis: The Cream? >>>
lolis: jotkka >>>
lolis: LMFAO!!! 10/10 >>>
lolis: The vast majority of people on Earth ARE in mud huts... >>>
lolis: ceecee is on the moon? whoa! >>>
lolis: These are fantastic! >>>
lolis: P.S. I seem to remember that Sweden was letting a bunch... >>>
lolis: If we're screwed, then the rest of the world is... >>>
lolis: @Richmond Mayor Jenny Durkin is about to lose her job... >>>
lolis: I live in Seattle and I haven't heard so much... >>>
lolis: >>>
lolis: cute freckles >>>
lolis: Crocodile Dun D >>>
lolis: nice! >>>
lolis: % >>>
lolis: goyangi ipnida >>>
lolis: :) >>>
lolis: >>>
lolis: >>>
lolis: Ponies: where are they now? >>>
lolis: I like it! >>>
lolis: very nice! >>>
lolis: So very, VERY I feel sad for you, man.... >>>
lolis: Haven't you ever heard the phrase, "Beauty... >>>
lolis: You're just a fool who will never do/make anything... >>>
lolis: Yeah, well I'd wager I'm a LOT farther into... >>>
lolis: is. >>>
lolis: Tharn is able to capture a majestic mood with his lighting... >>>
lolis: Tharn is the best artist around here....easily. >>>
lolis: poor thing broke its left rear leg badly at the ankle. >>>
lolis: nice juxtaposition >>>
lolis: Yeah. It's great, Tharn. You're the best... >>>
lolis: "Thousands of pictures of shitty toilets and racial... >>>
lolis: GODDAMMIT! NO LINKS! I don't like copy and pasting... >>>
lolis: I had an art teacher who is (or at least was) a beautiful... >>>
lolis: Hey no fair doing a link war against each other....just... >>>
lolis: I think it's the rebound effect brought on by... >>>
lolis: It's true. Since I've been coming here, I've... >>>
lolis: You may not like the image and vote me down, but, nonetheless....IF... >>>
lolis: wow very nice Master Tharn! >>>
lolis: "Swinging into the Great White Void for 2020!" >>>
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