lolis: yes...agreed...very nice >>>
lolis: great picture! I love it! nice job! >>>
lolis: Adam, Tell your story here.... >>>
lolis: The Mona Risa >>>
lolis: thanks >>>
lolis: thanks >>>
lolis: nice composition....moody...nice >>>
lolis: >>>
lolis: I pretty much get along with most of the other artists,... >>>
lolis: Destse and I had a discussion about patriotism or something... >>>
lolis: No, Haugkall/Mumrik/Vilde/Tomte. I don't think... >>>
lolis: ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Images uploaded: 0, 0.0 per day Comments... >>>
lolis: shhhhh JJ! ;) >>>
lolis: You'll only stop when I decide. >>>
lolis: This is too easy. I'll do the absolute minimum... >>>
lolis: No, really....Keep going with this. It's awesome! >>>
lolis: Wow! You really are mentally disturbed by what happens... >>>
lolis: SOOOO much emotion! Awww....precious! >>>
lolis: Nice plallate ya got there. >>>
lolis: I'd watch it. >>>
lolis: Sorry...Not "Save Image As..." just click... >>>
lolis: You do a "Save Image As" to your "Downloads"... >>>
lolis: She's got an owwie. >>>
lolis: agreed....excellent >>>
lolis: lol this is great boopsterino! >>>
lolis: Is ANYTHING on her real? >>>
lolis: ohhhhh lmfao That's damn scary and accurate at... >>>
lolis: I'll be in The Empty Corner having a drink. >>>
lolis: yes me and jj >>>
lolis: very nice >>>
lolis: h.c.t.f.g. >>>
lolis: Here come the flower cats! >>>
lolis: yes >>>
lolis: Hi I was trying to save the whole room just to keep... >>>
lolis: The kicker suddenly started his run. The goalkeeper,... >>>
lolis: >>>
lolis: yes >>>
lolis: nice. I really like this >>>
lolis: I really like it but I think the moon is kind of distracting... >>>
lolis: That's gonna leave a mark! >>>
lolis: Hmmm....My guess is that it's Wu Tang Clan. >>>
lolis: definitely worth saving this in the gallery..... >>>
lolis: You DO realize that a spider has eight legs, not six.....right? >>>
lolis: No....That explains the big bump in Alex Trebek's... >>>
lolis: There once was a lad named Boopy Who wore a hat,... >>>
lolis: s >>>
lolis: Cool! Reminds me of Simon Stalenhag's work. >>>
lolis: Well if you are born with a penis and testicles, then... >>>
lolis: I identify as a triceratops. >>>
lolis: It's.......lovely! It's cheerful! It's... >>>
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