jmeel14: Nice art style. Looks a bit similar to traditional... >>>
jmeel14: That's a nice gradient on the left. >>>
jmeel14: Real nice clouds. >>>
jmeel14: Nice eye. >>>
jmeel14: Nice artworks. I like the blurred reflection. >>>
jmeel14: Nice alternative implementation, and colours. >>>
jmeel14: Although the broken feather effect worked out... Sorta >>>
jmeel14: Nice work alien. It was fun working on that, although... >>>
jmeel14: Absolutely beautiful! >>>
jmeel14: Fantastic line quality. >>>
jmeel14: wow, nice scene. >>>
jmeel14: Just like your drawings. >>>
jmeel14: Would be nice if someone explained what happened here.... >>>
jmeel14: Wow, nice work. I tried drawing diamonds myself but... >>>
jmeel14: Sure this isn't a photo? :P That reflection is... >>>
jmeel14: What a fantastic canyon! >>>
jmeel14: First there's normal space, and then there's... >>>
jmeel14: Nice station design. >>>
jmeel14: This is quite something nice. >>>
jmeel14: Didn't catch your question. I deleted a bunch... >>>
jmeel14: Nice clean style. >>>
jmeel14: Beautiful clouds! >>>
jmeel14: Shh. >>>
jmeel14: Only just noticed this now from stalking someone, but... >>>
jmeel14: good stuff >>>
jmeel14: nice work maka >>>
jmeel14: nice style wew >>>
jmeel14: what lolis said nice work ;P >>>
jmeel14: nice dress >>>
jmeel14: So good >>>
jmeel14: nice work >>>
jmeel14: oh cool a gif feature. nice work anon >>>
jmeel14: Oh well now, I guess flockmod has an animation mode.... >>>
jmeel14: nice colours >>>
jmeel14: nice work :) >>>
jmeel14: nice work >>>
jmeel14: Love the colouring style. >>>
jmeel14: Awesome work! >>>
jmeel14: Nice! >>>
jmeel14: Ah, thanks for that. The drawing was 'done'... >>>
jmeel14: Before you ask why I uploaded it here, it was in hopes... >>>
jmeel14: On a more serious note, the collaboration is unfinished,... >>>
jmeel14: Your troll attempts are going to be the death of you,... >>>
jmeel14: Mate says he wasn't there, but I'm pretty... >>>
jmeel14: Old, unfinished collaboration. Credits go to mate,... >>>
jmeel14: Confusing form, but looks interesting. >>>
jmeel14: Interesting... >>>
jmeel14: Nice work. >>>
jmeel14: Amazing! Sick art in top-right. :D >>>
jmeel14: No, you don't. Did you perhaps think it might... >>>
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