cntrct: better comment on the original art at least >>>
cntrct: daddy, if I play with your rod, can you pwease spare... >>>
cntrct: welcome back >>>
cntrct: nice >>>
cntrct: wow nice >>>
cntrct: good stuff! >>>
cntrct: thanks uwu >>>
cntrct: cute >>>
cntrct: kewt >>>
cntrct: ty~ >>>
cntrct: danks uwu >>>
cntrct: @S83: thanks~ btw cool user id (1488) >>>
cntrct: You're taking this way too serious lolis + I can... >>>
cntrct: loli being the shortform for lolita and plural of lolitas... >>>
cntrct: I'm glad some people recognize it >>>
cntrct: danks uwu >>>
cntrct: @MamaPomf: :3 >>>
cntrct: thanks :3 >>>
cntrct: @pipicorn you're a piece of shit tbh. I'd... >>>
cntrct: @ad0lf thanks for calling my art cute~ @_cry_ >... >>>
cntrct: danks @keplin uwu >>>
cntrct: *facepalm* im only barely scanning through the posts,... >>>
cntrct: @cfdr I'm only against retarded furries like auds... >>>
cntrct: such autism, also tl;dr >>>
cntrct: just cause you jump on the anti-loli bandwagon, the... >>>
cntrct: Lol there is an ellbow of one of my draws! Also, cute... >>>
cntrct: I enjoyed not reading any of it :^) >>>
cntrct: wow, all of the bullshit in your first passage is so... >>>
cntrct: m8 with "them" I meant fantasy characters... >>>
cntrct: >You think I speak ill of pedophiles because they're... >>>
cntrct: >obviously I don't care what people think of... >>>
cntrct: yeah on the internet you pretend to protect little... >>>
cntrct: >Always assume there's more to a person than... >>>
cntrct: so funny. and i'd be the creepy one to draw a... >>>
cntrct: thanks :3 >>>
cntrct: > If I had a choice you had it, but thanks for... >>>
cntrct: @Haugkall: Can you please cease to be so obsessed... >>>
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