Grand_Dad: Hug- >>>
Grand_Dad: That Yar is a spy! >>>
Grand_Dad: Drowning in booze >>>
Grand_Dad: (ಠ_ಠ) >>>
Grand_Dad: >be me >>>
Grand_Dad: Yar is a state of being >>>
Grand_Dad: The Fede-Bambinos >>>
Grand_Dad: Mawsome. >>>
Grand_Dad: Aw cute! >>>
Grand_Dad: The Lolis-branded flashbang. >>>
Grand_Dad: O_O >>>
Grand_Dad: F e a r . >>>
Grand_Dad: And then a skeleton popped out!! >>>
Grand_Dad: Cute! >>>
Grand_Dad: Hi Billy! >>>
Grand_Dad: Extra juicy on the inside! >>>
Grand_Dad: RAAAAAAA >>>
Grand_Dad: Welcome back, Johnny. >>>
Grand_Dad: That is the question. >>>
Grand_Dad: What a nice flower. >>>
Grand_Dad: Could be a full set of teeth... or a stitched up mouth. >>>
Grand_Dad: Chill out, bruv. >>>
Grand_Dad: Wow! It's Made! >>>
Grand_Dad: Sup. >>>
Grand_Dad: Now this... this I love. >>>
Grand_Dad: Huh. Interesting. >>>
Grand_Dad: You have committed great atrocities, comrade. >>>
Grand_Dad: Man's got a million dollar smile. >>>
Grand_Dad: Yep. >>>
Grand_Dad: Preciosa! >>>
Grand_Dad: The greatest chef in Marzipan City! >>>
Grand_Dad: All hail. >>>
Grand_Dad: Dimonia sweater! Cuteee! >>>
Grand_Dad: fuk >>>
Grand_Dad: Let's see how fast you can really go!! >>>
Grand_Dad: ORDER. >>>
Grand_Dad: Awesome! >>>
Grand_Dad: An underwater adventure?! >>>
Grand_Dad: Accurate. >>>
Grand_Dad: And I messed up the reply like a dummy- Sorry >>>
Grand_Dad: @DecalMaker; Judging by the gloves, I feel that’s... >>>
Grand_Dad: I like how I can kind of tell who drew each Number... >>>
Grand_Dad: Incredible! Love the scales on the tail! >>>
Grand_Dad: Hooh >>>
Grand_Dad: I love this little fella so much >>>
Grand_Dad: Speed/10 >>>
Grand_Dad: In theaters, December 20th. Rated L. >>>
Grand_Dad: A real photograph of the elusive Benny creature. >>>
Grand_Dad: The land of milk and honey. >>>
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