|Tearinspace|: @Graffiti: yep it's da boyy.. >>>
|Tearinspace|: beauty >>>
|Tearinspace|: U sent u a message on flockmod with my skyppe info,... >>>
|Tearinspace|: @Scattered: Ahhh, skype banned me and I never bothered... >>>
|Tearinspace|: AhhhAH, i miss u. hfhfhfjekf. inhale.e i dont use... >>>
|Tearinspace|: @minucat: If you're talking about Circus rp,... >>>
|Tearinspace|: childhood in a nutshell >>>
|Tearinspace|: shook to my very core from this beautiful drawing. >>>
|Tearinspace|: i l ove >>>
|Tearinspace|: Amazing! >>>
|Tearinspace|: accurate >>>
|Tearinspace|: papyrus is best >>>
|Tearinspace|: Your style reminds me of someone I know~ >>>
|Tearinspace|: omlll true >>>
|Tearinspace|: I had the same problem like wtf >>>
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