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torrelatinio: it is nice to see some diversity in the lion community
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Tomte: No no no, a "diverse" lion would be a south american panther, that's the correct analogy. They're indeed able to breed with each other and have different features and *cough* behaviours.
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Tactical: same genus different species just sayin
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Tomte: What species is this?
Is it a lion or a panther?
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Tomte: Nobody knows so, why would you make a distintion between lions and panthers when they're pretty much identical except for color and size?

Maybe because they have different behaviours and actually look different? Yes every human on the planet right now can breed with each other, but they just like lions, tigers and panthers have different behaviours. It's not a coincidence that Japan and Europe are advanced places while Africa and South America are comparatively ignorant and poor.

We don't need diversity when it's at the expense of the wealth, culture and prosperity of our society. If you feel guilty when some person you've never met commits a crime or fails at his tests in school, you're truly a, wait for it....cuck and or mentally ill.
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Ocelot33: Tomte please refrain from refering to south america without knowing about it.
You pay for college and health while we get it free at international quality; and people come here to get both (from europe, USA and asian countries). So I just have ponder what is it that you consider prosperity.
If you are so eager to discuss about it, I'll gladly cite you to a private room to have a friendly talk, not like the one you will find in this gallery.
If on the other side you prefer to stick to stereotypes and keep calling such statements I'll just have to treat you as a regular internet troll and ignore you. Honestly it's up to you.
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Tomte: There's no point in discussing it, look at Venezuela.
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Ocelot33: Oh I'm pretty sure a country like venezuela is very representative of all the rest.
Okay then you're a regular troll. Have an awful day, I dont know why I even wasted my time on reasoning with you.
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Tomte: Would venezuela be the country it is today if we replaced all it's citizens with japanese people?

Would Africa be the continent it is today if we replaced all it's citizens with irish people?

Would the middle east be what it is if we replaced all it's citizens with swiss people?

What would Europe and North America look like today if they had taken in no unskilled labor from the southern hemisphere?

There is no holy ground, people determine how prosperous and civilized a society is.

EUROPE in the year 1900:

EUROPE today:
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Tactical: @Tomte: looks at link >hybrid