___Dorito___: Nya Rawr ;)))))))))))) hehhe its cute <3333 >>>
___Dorito___: shush it kawaii >>>
___Dorito___: @forerunner2: fool he ded like how the anime killed... >>>
___Dorito___: i is proud still ;))))))))000 >>>
___Dorito___: eyyy nice u colored em ;)))))))))))))))))))) >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: shhhhhhhhhhh >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: IT CUTE >>>
___Dorito___: @VelvetRose_: eyyyyyy yes, they say josuke and space... >>>
___Dorito___: @forerunner2: thats ass man, even in the episode i... >>>
___Dorito___: ikr its hot as fucc;)))))))))))))))00 >>>
___Dorito___: Thats fuckign cute as shit how come i didnt see dis... >>>
___Dorito___: @forerunner2: mani the fucku, wait maybe its the eyes... >>>
___Dorito___: OH YES LMFAOO ;))))))))) >>>
___Dorito___: we loves u too ;))))) yes'nt homo >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: its bad and im cringing >>>
___Dorito___: @bmc: HEHEHEHEEHEHEEHE >>>
___Dorito___: @bmc: NO IM CRINGING OK >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: likes u:)))))) >>>
___Dorito___: it sexy >>>
___Dorito___: I like ;)) u have gotten better at doing bodies. I... >>>
___Dorito___: *sniff* beautiful u thought it be me >>>
___Dorito___: Wait no I didn't write that bmc did with my color... >>>
___Dorito___: It's not lazy it's beautiful ;))) >>>
___Dorito___: @forerunner2: uh well its how I drew it, but I wouldn't... >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: no u ;)) >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: LMFAO >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: fore's creation is sexy ;)))))))))) >>>
___Dorito___: EYYY KANJI. i likes how u did his hair, yes keep it... >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: like you;)) >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: yes me >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: its lazy shhhhhhh >>>
___Dorito___: @bmc: no, basically u did all of it LMFAO . not ruined >>>
___Dorito___: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL IM SO PROUD , you improved alot *sniff*... >>>
___Dorito___: LMFAOO i love the COLROIGN THOUGH >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: HEEHHHHEHHEEHHEHEOEIHDOPIHDFPDFOI;))))))))))))))))0... >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: HEEHHEHEHHE >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: naww man, you >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: naww;)) you >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: hehehe >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: shhhhhhhhhh >>>
___Dorito___: hol shit i love it, it has a nice feel with his stance... >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: no you >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: SHHHHHHHHHHHHH >>>
___Dorito___: @mchanzo: i had no say in this at all despite u all... >>>
___Dorito___: @StringsOfDarkness: no u >>>
___Dorito___: @bmc: on the contrary, you >>>
___Dorito___: @bmc: YES, YOU >>>
___Dorito___: @bmc: you and delta are cuter;)) >>>
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