How to convert a Photoshop brush to GIMP

First and foremost, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to download GIMP ( version 2.4 or higher.  Click file -preferences, you should see a part named “folders”. Click the plus next to it and you should see the option labeled “Brushes”. Click on it and this is where GIMP saves your brushes (this is important to remember).
Now download the Photoshop brush into the directory GIMP saves your brushes. Make sure you refresh your brush list when you go to get your brush, and it should be all set to use!
The brushes offered through can be accessed after you unzip the file and set them to a file of their very own. (Or you can overwrite the file if you please.) Once this is all done you will go to the Bell Pepper Load Tool and select it. Locate where you placed your GIMP brush files, and open them up. 
Once you have the GIMP brush files open you will see a list of folders to choose from, all holding s
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ToolbarNew Tool Bar with Bell Pepper Upload and Brush

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