Site Wide Rules

Here at Flockmod we try to let room owners make up their own rules for the most part.

However, there are a few rules we must enforce site wide for everyone’s sake.

Warnings will generally not be given out for these offenses, they are serious enough to warrant an immediate global ban.

  1. If its illegal in the USA, it’s forbidden here.
  2. Network/socket based bots are forbidden, attempting to connect with anything but an un-altered Flockmod client is also forbidden.
  3. Attempting to avert bans is forbidden, and it is grounds for a global moderator to get involved to place a more effective, longer length ban.
  4. Glitches found must be reported, not abused. Those found abusing glitches in Flockmod may be subject to banning.
  5. You must listen to global moderators, they are the highest authority on the site; they will always have a pink name in the userlist.


Note on #2: Scripts that simply move your mouse on your computer are fine in some rooms (it’s up to the room owner), Scripts that connect to the server and emulate a Flockmod client are NOT allowed in any rooms no matter what!

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