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Keyto: This is heartbreaking. Can we hit 10 likes?
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That_Guy: You'll still make art, right? ;^(
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LCS: long live the dinosaur you drew me drinking hot chocolate and the other one decorating a christmas tree
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lolis: There once was a lad named Boopy

Who wore a hat, not a toupee'

A descendant of Scots

Full of poetic thoughts

His friends follow him around like groupies!

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JB_: The thing is excercise will boost your immune system
You think it's healthy but listen to my wisdom
An increase in the rate of which you need to replace your cells is the answer
Which leads to cancer
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LCS: Alex Trebek exercised and now he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. listen to the man people hes not lying
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That_Guy: That explains the big bump in my pants.
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lolis: No....That explains the big bump in Alex Trebek's pants.
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That_Guy: My heart's out to that angel.