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Flockmod is a community developed FlockDraw client.



Flockmod has features not found in the original flockdraw client such as

  • shortcuts to the tools
  • secondary color
  • saved colors
  • advanced save features
  • authentication for py-bot
  • switch rooms
  • client settings
  • private messages
  • a user list
  • color info display


Flockmod is actively developed and can be updated as many as 4 times in a single week.

It is based off the source code of the original flockdraw client.

Flockmod was started by fdt.

We are open to developers at this time.

Current developers

  • auto
  • fdt
  • Moon♄
  • pen

If you would like to apply to co-develop Flockmod email fdt a/t p y - b o t (obfuscated and for anti-spam (its .com)) You will be required to show some of your previous work and will be assigned a smaller project to successfully complete before being considered.

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