This will go over the extra tools and extra features on tools that are offered in rooms.

Bell Pepper Brush

This tool loads brushes from another painting program, called GIMP.

You can get a basic set of brushes Here, download more online,  make some on gimp, or convert other brushes to it. However, clicking the second GIMP icon (with the floppy disk) opens a gallery of brushes to choose from.

What should I have checked and unchecked in “Config”?


This is up to what you wish to see and hear.

(This will only affect your settings for your screen/chat on Flockmod, and not any other user’s. Everything is able to be checked if wanted, and left unchecked if not..)


Quality  Click the dropdown menu to toggle between low and high quality, it reduces the quality of the wording and outlines.

Show own username next to cursor Unchecking this will make your username disappear on the board; others can still see it.




Show User Events This will make you aware of when a user leaves and/or enters.

(IE: EVENT :: Unregistered user Anonymous has entered the room.)


Show Timestamps  This will give the time the message was posted, in case you are unsure as to when someone chatted.
(This will refer to the time you have set on your computer.)


Show Global Messages Having this checked will allow you to see the messages Global Mods have sent out for every user. (This is usually done when there is an update, so I would suggest keeping this checked!)


Sound In basic, will get to choose whether you hear the Chat message sound, Private Message sound, and Inbox sound.



Enable Advance Save With this option enabled, a box will allow you to select the whole screen easily. Lasso allows you to freely select a specific area on the board. All saves will be set to go into your files. If unchecked, it will simply just take the whole canvas, and bring up your Documents.

(You will be allowed to choose where to send the image in your files and the file format.)


Save the the online gallery When this is checked, any saves that are made are uploaded directly to the online Flockmod gallery (www.flockmod.com/gallery/) where everyone can see it. If you have an account there it will be uploaded under your name. If you wish to save locally (directly to your computer), simply uncheck this box and continue to save normally.


Also when you save with this option enabled the following window comes up:



The link that shows (in this case http://flockmod.com/img/?23957) is a shortlink that leads to the image you saved in the Flockmod gallery.

Copying it to your clipboard simply means it copies the link (for easy pasting).  Opening it in the web browser will lead to the gallery page the image is saved on.

“Save to disk” saves the image to your computer (easier than going to config and turning the “Save to online gallery” off).

The social media sites on the right are an easy way to share the image you’re saving to your social media page.



Auto-switch Eyedropper  Having this checked will send your tool back to the previous tool after using the inkdropper. Having it unchecked will give you the option to try for the colour you need without having to switch back and forth between your previous tool and the inkdropper.


Tablet Support (Tablet Users only):

Enable tablet Support This option is only available for tablet users using the tablet edition of flockmod (http://flockmod.com/apps/flockmod.exe). Having tablet support enabled allows tablet users to obtain a pen pressure option. Pen pressure will increase the size of your brush accordingly to the amount of pressure you put down. The slider in the config that appears is the max size it will ever go, that way it will not ruin any surrounding drawings if you press down too hard. Also another alternative slider is placed beneath the zoom slider for convenience with the same purpose.



Though this may not seem to important to some, it is! It is important that you know who has helped to develop/create and update the site that you use!


Chat Shortcuts:

These are a few handy shortcuts one can use from within chat:

  • /pm <username> <message here> (This private messages a user)
  • /mm <moderator channel message here> (This sends a message to the moderator chat if you are a mod)
  • /sync <username> (This will attempt to sync your board with username)
  • /me <message> (This will send an action message to chat, such as /me does a handstand will send ‘fdt does a handstand’)
  • /cls <optional layer number> (This will clear the board, or the layer of your choice if specified)
  • /clear (This will clear your chat history)
  • /ignore <username> (This will ignore username in the chat)
  • /unignore <username> (This will unignore username, or everyone if you do not specify a user)
  • /status <message> (This will display a status next to your name in the userlist, it appears in parenthesis)
  • /modhax <kick, mute, ban, or alert> (undo) (Places a modhax on the board, read below for more information on modhax.)
  • /votemute <username> <reason> This will start a vote-mute. (For more information on this please visit http://flockmod.com/help/room/)


Why do user’s tools in the userlist keep blinking?

When a user has their mouse down, their tool color blinks. This is useful for moderators having trouble catching a pesky troll.

You may set a status next to your name in the userlist, handy for letting others know you may be AFK.

To set a status, you can right click your name in the userlist and click ‘change status’.
This will bring up a dialogue asking you to enter a status (or reset your status)


Alternatively, you can use the command /status (message here) in the chat.

Once you have a status set it will appear next to your username in the userlist.