Layer Room Type

Here I will explain the features for Layers and then the layers themselves.
Layer 3 (Top layer)
Example: This could be used for a lineart. Anything you draw will appear over the other layers.
Layer 2 (Middle layer)
Example: This could be used for a draft/sketch. (This could also be used for a lineart.) Anything drawn on this layer will appear over layer 1. However layer 3 appears on top of this.
Layer 1 (Bottom Layer)
Example: This could be used to colour a lineart. Everything draw on this layer is shown behind anything drawn on the other layers (like a background). It is also the default layer.
                                                                   Saving Layers

Now let’s say you want to save one of your layers, because hey, why not? Today it just looks astonishing!

From here, you can right click on any of the three layers shown above, being this will not change the outcome. Once you right click, you will get a selection popup.

Being my example is in Layer 3, I would choose “Save Layer 3”. If you click on it, this will bring you to your Documents where you will get to choose a location to save the picture.
Save Image in
                                                              Clearing Layers
(NOTE: You must be of a Trusted user rank or above to use this addition!)

Let’s say a user misbehaved and scribbled over the canvas and you don’t need to undo but don’t want to erase the marks by hand? Or let’s say you have a picture that you don’t like as much as you did and want to clear it away? Well, fret not, because now there is a simple way to clear away those pesky problems! Simple right click on the layers and the layer options will pop up.

                                                                      Merging layers
(NOTE: You must be of Trusted User rank or above to use this addition!)
     Merging layers is combining two layers (or in another words moving the drawings on one layer to another). Simply right click on the layers and the options menu will pop up allowing you to merge one layer with another.
Locked layers
Some rooms may have layers locked, this prevents other users from drawing on the layer. The lock icon will be lightened if the layer is locked. Some users, if they have a high enough privilege, can draw on the locked layers.



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