Room Types

A quick glance over all of the modes for the rooms. It is suggested that you view them all so you get a clear view of what you will want your room set as or what room mode you will prefer to go to.

                                                  Layers Mode

Layers will allow three boards that layer one another in a sense. As an example, think of three folders on top of one another.

The top folder will be on top of the other two, acting as a top layer.  The middle folder will be in the middle between the two surrounding it, making it harder to see it. The bottom layer will not be seen if the other two are sitting atop it.

Now think of this as your drawing. Layer one is your lineart, two is your sketch, and the third layer is you colour.

Want more info about all of the features you get with Layers? Go here!


                                                  Blend Mode

Blend mode is hard to explain if you don’t have the example of the brushes and the tools.

This mode has eleven selections to pick through as your selected affect to add to your selected brush! Some of these will allow you to invert your picture, lighten it, darken it,  overlay it and much more!

Want more info about all of the features you get with Blend Mode? Go here!


                                                  Classic Mode

Classic mode was brought back for some of those users who just love to stick to the simple tools, and not have to be confused by all of these new tools that have come in.

It offers nothing more than than the basic tools that are offered for every  mode, except there is no arrow that will lead you to a new set of extra tools.

Want more info about all of the features you get with Classic Mode? Go here!

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